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Top Assisted Living Facility in Green Bay & Brillion

Assisted Living By Hillcrest provides a simple community lifestyle that specializes in Alzheimer’s & Dementia care, as well as personalized Assisted Living. Our talented, licensed and certified caregivers provide the highest level of quality care available 24 hours per day. The care our staff provides is second to none, and definitely sets us apart from other facilities. Our commitment is to respect life & celebrate it daily. We go the extra mile to serve our residents, to see them smile & to make them feel loved and cared for. Our staff not only cares for & gets to know the residents, but develops relationships with families as well. We want families to know and trust that their loved one is safe and cared for each and every day.

When you enter one of the Assisted Living By Hillcrest facilities, you have truly come home.

We invite you to visit any of our facilities, where you will find
The Most Attentive Care…Anywhere.



For more information, please give us a call!
Amy 920-850-5235 or Holly 920-660-0835

Join us for our fun events this Summer!

Our Annual Summer Picnic at Allouez Parkside Village is Wednesday, July 18th.  Click here for details.

Brillion West Haven is hosting Music on the Patio Wednesday, July 18th.  Click here for details.

The community is welcome to join us!


New Update:
Assisted Living By Hillcrest is no longer managing Allouez Sunrise Village, Bishop’s Court or Birch Creek.  The owners of those facilities switched to a different manager, and were working with Evans Senior Investments of Chicago, Illinois to sell these three facilities.
We remain committed to managing the other facilities in which we have ownership; Allouez Parkside Village #1, Allouez Parkside Village #2 and Brillion West Haven.  We are looking forward to expanding our footprint while we continue to provide The Most Attentive Care….Anywhere.